Blank wall decoration

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      Blank wall decoration

      With blank wall circles and other blank wall decoration you can make something beautiful for your home at your own discretion. This fun wall decoration is available in different shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Choose a color yourself? That is also possible. View the range and order easily at Label2X.

      Blank wall circles

      Looking for a nice base for your wall decoration? Then the blank wall circles from Label2X are just the thing for you! Choose white, black or one of the trendy pastel colors. Good to know, you can also choose a color yourself, so that it fits perfectly with your interior. Use them as a background and cover them with vinyl foil, for example.

      Blank wall clouds

      The blank wall clouds are very nice as decoration for your nursery or baby room. They are available in different colors and sizes. The pastel shades give a calm look. With the blank wall clouds you have something beautiful on the wall, without it immediately looking very busy. Do you want to use the blank wall clouds as a basis for your own creative ideas? Of course you can!

      Beautiful, light materials: dibond and forex

      For the blank wall decoration you can choose from dibond and forex. Two light yet strong materials with a thickness of 3 millimeters. Dibond consists of light aluminum plates with black plastic in between, while forex is white plastic material.

      Available in different formats

      Choose blank wall circles from 10 to 40 centimeters. The blank wall clouds are also available in different sizes. Did you know that it also looks nice to place different sizes next to each other on your wall? If you want to order a different size, please contact us.

      Confirmation of the blank wall decoration

      You attach the blank wall decoration with double-sided tape or a hanging plate. Thanks to the simple attachment, you can enjoy your new wall decoration in no time.

      Blank wall circles: choose your color

      Blank wall circles and wall clouds are available in black, white and various pastel shades. Would you prefer a different color? Which can! Send us your color code and we will be happy to help you. You can therefore completely match this wall decoration to the colors of your interior.

      Buy blank wall decoration at Label2X

      If you want to buy dibond blank circles or other blank wall decoration, you've come to the right place at Label2X! Choose from the range or choose a size and color yourself. For orders over 75 , - you do not have to pay shipping costs and you will receive your nice new decoration within 4 working days. So you can quickly enjoy your new purchase!