Candles & candlesticks


      Candles & candleholders

      Do you want to create extra atmosphere at home or in the garden? Then choose candles. A candle creates a feeling of warmth and cosiness. They give extra atmosphere and make your evening complete. Label2X has a nice assortment of different candles and candle holders for every interior.


      There are many different candles such as dinner candles, pillar candles and scented candles. These are available in different sizes and colors. There is always a candle that fits well with your interior.

      Wall tea light holder or tea light holder

      Give that empty spot on the wall an extra accent with a wall tealight holder. For example, hang the holder between a number of beautiful photos or between other wall decorations. This ensures that they are extra accentuated when the tea light is lit.

      Leather tea light holder or tea light holder

      Looking for a cool tea light holder? Then our leather tea light holder is really something for you. View the different colors such as cognac and green. They also look great together! Ideal for a coffee table, dining room table or TV cabinet.

      Candle set

      In addition to our tea light holders or tea light holder, we also have nice candle sets in our range with, for example, a nice text on it. This creates a positive and relaxed atmosphere. Ideal for setting up somewhere.

      Buy candles, candle holders, tea light holders or tea light holders at Label2X

      Have you found your candle or holder? Order it quickly and give your home extra atmosphere. You can expect your new item at your home within four working days. For orders above 75 , - you also pay no shipping costs. Do you have any questions? Then please contact us. We are happy to help you!