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      Get the nicest wall circles with animals into your home. Whether you want a cute animal hanging on the wall or a real predator. You will find them all at Label2X. Choose your favorite animal and order your wall circle with animals in your desired size and material. Is your favorite animal not listed? Did you know that you can also upload your own photo and have it made into a wall circle? Discover the personalized wall circles .

      Wall circle with forest animals

      You can discover wall circles with the most beautiful and nicest forest animals here. Choose a beautiful deer or reindeer with antlers or choose a cute squirrel or fox. A wall circle with forest animals is also fun to combine with each other or combine the circle with a nature wall circle . You can also find Scottish Highlanders in Dutch natural forests. These wall circles with a Scottish Highlander on them are therefore by far the most popular animal wall circles of the moment. With us you will find them in different colors such as a brown or a black highlander, but also in a black and white version. A Scottish Highlander looks great in all modern interior styles and gives a sturdy appearance.

      Wall circle bird

      Are you a real bird lover? Then choose a wall circle with a bird on it. At Label2X you will discover different types of birds such as a pigeon, cockatoo, swan or owl. Choose a bird wall circle with soft pastel colors or choose a colorful bird in nature.

      Wall circles with animals from the savannah

      In addition to the forest animals, you can also choose from the impressive animals that live in the African Savannah. This way you can choose from different animals from the big five of Africa! You can think of the lion or the elephant. A wall circle with one of these animals adds an impressive look to your living room or kitchen!

      Wall circle lion

      Bring the king of the animals into your home with a wall circle of a lion. The imposing appearance of the lion makes this wall circle a real eye-catcher in your interior. Choose from a male lion with a mane, a female lion or both.

      Wall circle elephant

      Elephants are the heaviest land animals currently living on earth and look beautiful on a wall circle. Choose from an African or Asian elephant and go for a black or natural background. Whatever you choose, the elephant wall circle is a real highlight in your interior.

      Hang up a wall circle

      Our wall circles can be set up or hung. For example, do you not want to hang your wall circle on the wall, but place it on a cupboard or dresser? Then order a wooden stand with your wall circle. Would you rather hang it on the wall? Then hang the wall circle with double-sided tape (inside) or use our hanging system (inside and outside).

      Buy wall circle animals at Label2X

      Have you found your wall circle with animals? Then order it quickly. We will immediately get to work making your circle so that it hangs on your door as quickly as possible. You can expect the wall circle at your home within four working days and you can easily place it on your wall. You also pay no shipping costs for orders above €75. Do you have any questions? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!