Wall circle own photo

      Wall circle own photo

      Your own photo on a wall circle

      Your best memories or holiday moments deserve a prominent place on the wall. With a wall circle with your own photo you give your best photos and most beautiful memories an eye-catching place in your living room, bedroom or even in the garden! Which wall circle with your own photo are you going for?

      Wall circle own photo

      Would you like to hang your photos on the wall in a different way than in the form of a canvas? Choose a wall circle with your own photo! Our wall circles are easy to provide with your own photo and design. Thanks to our fast delivery time, you can also decorate your walls with your best and most beautiful memories in no time.

      Various formats

      Our photo wall circles are available in various photo sizes. By ordering your photos in different formats, you can easily create a mini-collage with your most beautiful photos. Make a beautiful wall full of memories and quickly order your wall circles in various sizes with your own photo. Our range starts at Ø12cm and continues up to Ø140cm.

      Combine endlessly

      In addition to wall circles with your own photo, you will also find the nicest wall circles of animals or nature wall circles in the Label2X range. What we also often see with customers and find it very cool is various texts between our own photos. What also looks very nice with your own photos are, for example , a flower wall circle , a nature wall circle or an animal wall circle . We offer the nicest designs and have a suitable wall circle for everyone.

      Diverse materials

      You can order your wall circle with your own photo in various materials. Do you want to hang your wall circle outside, for example? Then make sure you order a dibond wall circle . These wall circles are particularly strong and weather-resistant, making them not only suitable for indoor use, but can also be hung outside. Our forex wall circles are slightly lighter and can only be used indoors.

      Wall circle with text

      With a wall circle with your own photo, turn your house into a real home. Do you want to add an extra personal touch to your gallery wall? Add a wall circle with text ! We have a wide range of quotes and loving texts. Find the quote that suits you and hang it with your favorite photos.

      Wall circle hang your own photo

      Our wall circles with your own photo are suitable for hanging and for display. Do you prefer to place your wall circle on a dresser, table or, for example, your bedside table? Then order one of our wooden stands with your wall circle. Do you prefer to hang your wall circle with your own photo on the wall? Then use our hanging system (inside and outside) or stick it to the wall with double-sided tape.

      Buy wall circle with your own photo at Label2x

      Have you put together a wall circle with your own photo? Then order it quickly. We will immediately start making your circle so that you can hang it in your home as soon as possible. You can expect the wall circle at your home within four working days. You also pay no shipping costs for orders above € 50. Do you have any questions? Then please contact us. We are happy to help you!