Wall circle nature

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      Bring the most beautiful landscapes, plants or flowers into your home with our nature wall circles. As a nature lover you can endlessly indulge yourself with the most beautiful photos and patterns. You can even move with nature every season of the year. This way you can hang a suitable wall circle in winter, spring, summer and autumn. Do you choose a beautiful beach, a mountain landscape, pampas grass or another natural wall circle?

      Wall circle nature for all seasons

      We have an extensive collection online for all seasons. Bring the cozy atmosphere of autumn or the warmth of winter into your home with our beautiful natural landscapes. Is the weather in the Netherlands starting to get better again? Then bring spring and summer into your home with fresh colors with beautiful quotes or cheerful animals and prints.

      Wall circle winter

      In winter, nature is in a real state of dormancy. All signs of growing crops and colors disappear and some animals go into hibernation. It is usually cold and snow and frost are more common. These nature scenes are also beautifully captured in some nature wall circles with, for example, a snowy winter landscape or a snowy mountain. A winter wall circle often gives a soothing feeling because of the soft colors.

      Wall circle spring

      In spring or spring, nature blooms again. It is light longer and the sun has more power, so the temperature can sometimes be quite pleasant. This often produces beautiful images of, for example, beautiful plants or flowers in bloom. For example, some wall circles show beautiful blossoms or flowers. With a spring wall circle you bring cheerfulness and beautiful colors into your home.

      Wall circle summer

      In summer the weather is lovely and temperatures are warmer. Nature is in full bloom and it is full of exuberance. Nature shows itself from its best side. With a summer wall circle you bring the holiday feeling indoors. For example, choose a beautiful beach, a beautiful sunset or a landscape in full sun.

      Wall circle autumn

      In autumn or fall you will find a veritable sea of ​​colors in the forest. The leaves change color and later fall from the trees. With a nature wall circle with autumn shades you can bring these beautiful colors indoors and enjoy the falling leaves. This often gives a warmer feeling to your interior.

      Have your own nature photo printed on a wall circle

      Can't find the perfect nature wall circle for your interior? Did you know that you can also upload your own nature photo and have it made into a wall circle? Discover the possibilities of personalized wall circles now.

      Want to hang your nature wall circle?

      Our wall circles can be set up or hung. For example, do you not want to hang your wall circle on the wall, but place it on a cupboard or dresser? Then order a wooden stand with your wall circle. Would you rather hang it on the wall? Then hang the wall circle with double-sided tape (inside) or use our hanging system (inside and outside).

      Order a nature wall circle from Label2X

      Have you found your nature wall circle? Then order it quickly. We will immediately get to work making your circle so that it hangs on your door as quickly as possible. You can expect the wall circle to arrive at your home within four working days. You also pay no shipping costs for orders above €50. Do you have any questions? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!