Wall circle old masters


      Wall Circle Old Masters

      Have you always wanted to hang a Dutch old master on the wall in your living room, kitchen or bedroom, for example? Choose your favorite Dutch master and complete your interior with a real masterpiece. Which old master wall circle do you choose? Are you going for a Rembrandt, or will it be a Zaans landscape?

      Wall circles of old masters in various sizes

      Not every wall circle will be suitable for your interior. In addition to the print, you must of course also take into account the size of the wall circle. It should not be too big, but of course not too small either. That is why we have wall circles by old masters in various sizes, for indoors and outdoors. Our range starts at Ø12cm and continues up to Ø140cm.

      Old master floral artwork

      The old master painted various floral works of art. We have compiled our range from these countless works of art painted by the Dutch masters. At Label2X you will therefore find an exclusive selection of wall circles of old master floral artworks that you may know as the Still life with flowers by Eelke Jelles Eelkema or the Still life with flowers in a glass vase, Jan Davidsz. the heme. Choose a wall circle with artwork from your favorite old master.

      Old master painted portraits

      Choose from the various painted portraits of the famous Dutch old masters. From a wall circle of the milkmaid to a wall circle with the night watch ; there is something for every art lover.

      Wall circle combining old masters and nature

      Our old master wall circles are perfect for hanging on a wall on their own. What is even more fun, however, is hanging several wall circles together. For example, combine your old master wall circle with a beautiful nature wall circle . This way you can combine the old master and the matching Dutch landscape in your interior. Choose one of the many landscapes and turn it into a Dutch corner.

      Different materials

      Our wall circles are available in different materials. Each material has its own strengths and is suitable for different applications. For example, our dibond wall circles are extra sturdy and extremely suitable for indoor and outdoor use, while our forex circles are slightly lighter and can only be used indoors.

      Wall circle own photo

      Can't find a wall circle that immediately appeals to you? At Label2X you can also order a wall circle with your own photo or artwork. Let us know what you want it to look like in a message, or get started yourself with our customizable product. Together we make a beautiful work of art.

      Hang wall circle

      Our wall circles can be set up or hung. For example, do you not want to hang your old master wall circle on the wall, but place it on a cupboard or sideboard? Then order a wooden stand with your wall circle. Would you rather hang on the wall? Then hang the wall circle with double-sided tape (inside) or use our hanging system (inside and outside).

      Buy wall circle at Label2X

      Have you found your old master wall circle? Then order it quickly. We will immediately start making your circle so that it hangs with you as soon as possible. You can expect the wall circle at your home within four working days. You also pay no shipping costs for orders above € 75. Do you have any questions? Then please contact us. We are happy to help you!