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      Baby room wall stickers

      Are you looking for fun ideas to decorate your child's room? Wall stickers provide a unique and stylish decoration. We have a wide range of wall stickers for your nursery or children's room. You can choose between an image or a text, between a large and small format and a fresh or warm color. As icing on the cake, the wall stickers are easy and quick to apply to the wall. Take a look at our website and discover the wall sticker that suits your nursery.

      Create a unique look with the right wall sticker for your nursery

      Every nursery is different. Would you like a nice decoration above the bed or above the desk? Do you want to dress up a large empty wall or create a cozy corner? At Label2X we have a wide range of wall stickers for girls' rooms, wall stickers for boys' rooms and wall stickers for baby's rooms. Can't choose, or don't know what suits your nursery? Then please contact us. We are happy to help you choose the wall sticker that suits you.

      Easily create a new look by using wall stickers in the nursery

      The children's room is a place in the house where your child can retreat, rest and develop himself. This is your child's personal space. As a child grows up, his/her tastes will change. For example, the wall sticker for the nursery that you have carefully selected will no longer suit your child after a few years. Children create their own taste and this one wants to change. That's why wall stickers for the nursery are so handy! They are beautiful and stylish, but also very easy to apply AND remove without damage. If your child's taste changes, it is therefore easy to adapt the room with a new wall sticker.

      Wall stickers outside the baby room

      The children's room is the most obvious place in your house to stick a wall sticker for your child. But what about the playroom or the place in the living room where your child likes to be? A nice wall sticker would also fit perfectly there. You can easily and quickly apply the wall stickers anywhere in the house. If your child is a bit older or if the wall sticker no longer matches the rest of the interior, you can remove it from the wall without damage. This way you can also let the design of your home grow with your child.

      Buy a wall sticker at Label2X

      At Label2x you will find the wall stickers for the nursery that you are looking for. For orders over 75 , - you do not have to pay shipping costs and you will receive your nice new decoration within 4 working days. This way you can get started quickly!