Notepads & Fill-in books

      Looking for a unique notebook? We have what you're looking for. We have 2 cute notepads, one with leopard print and one with cute pink dots. This way you always have a cheerful notepad with you at the office, at home or during a meeting.

      Do you sometimes find yourself a scatterbrain? Or do you recognize the feeling that you might have a hundred things running through your head at the same time? Sometimes it can be a huge challenge to organize and schedule all these things for yourself. A golden tip and a start to more peace of mind is to write down all your fantasies, ideas and to-dos. Once written down, it is gone from your head and you can start planning. We can certainly give you a helping hand to start this wonderful process with our fill-in books. What you enter is up to you. For everything you would like to fill in, we have a fill-in booklet that suits you. Discover and order today.

      Notebooks that make you happy

      In addition to the nice notepads that we sell, we also offer the best memos and clipboards. Everything to brighten up your workplace. Another favorite are our fill-in books. Plan your day, week or month with our fun notebooks and blocks. No one ever said your office has to be boring. It's the details that make it fun. So quickly brighten up your workplace!

      Notepad as a gift.

      A notepad can of course also be a nice gift. For example, do you know someone who is going to a new class or group? Surprise her with a nice notepad. This way she always thinks of you when the school bag opens!

      What types of fill-in books are there?

      You can go to Label2X for several variants of the fill-in booklet. Of course there is also room to give your booklet a creative twist. However you get used to it, these reminders will help you.


      What things do you still have to do? What are the ideas you don't want to forget? Often all kinds of things go through your head and stay there. That's a shame. Maybe there is the golden idea that will take you further. Our notebooks will help you make your thoughts concrete and memorable. With 100 double-sided pages, you have 200 pages of space to write them all off.


      You have to do this, you have to do that and don't forget that one thing. Purchase a planner if this sounds familiar to you. A day has 24 hours and you can only do a few tasks in it. By planning which to-do's are important to you, you create more peace for yourself, but you have more energy to focus on the tasks of that moment. Ideal for the office, home or school.

      Order notebooks & fill-in books at label2X

      Whether you are looking for nice home decoration, items for the kids or unique small gifts. Label2X has what you're looking for. If you order from us you can expect your package at home within 4 days. Do you order for more than €50 ,- , then shipping is free. You can even pay for your order afterwards. This is how we try to accommodate everyone. If you have any questions, you can of course always contact us. Even if we don't have exactly what you're looking for, we'll always see if we can arrange something for you!