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      Elongated wall decoration

      Would you like to add atmosphere to your home? A wall decoration is the way to let your personal style resonate in the design of your home. Elongated wall decorations provide a sleek look. You dress the room warmly, but keep a calm appearance. They come in all colors and sizes and are therefore suitable for every wall in your home.

      Express your personal style with elongated wall decoration

      It is important that your personal style comes forward in your home. Do you like real eye-catchers? Then you can opt for a life-size wall decoration. If you appreciate the more subtle styles and looks, you can choose to combine a number of smaller wall decorations. Or go crazy and combine several elongated wall decorations of different sizes with each other. This gives a unique effect that you can certainly expect compliments on.

      We think your own style is extremely important. That's what makes your house your home. That is why you can choose to have your own design printed on an elongated wall decoration. You can, for example, upload a photo or your own painting via our handy upload system. Do you want something unique that really suits you, but you're not sure how best to approach this. Then contact us and we will think along with you!

      Buy elongated wall decoration for every room.

      Due to the wide variety in size and prints, the elongated wall decorations are suitable for any room. The use of one larger wall decoration creates a soothing feeling. The combination of several smaller wall decorations creates an energetic atmosphere. Colors can also contribute to the mood of a room. Blue and green are examples of calming colors. Red, orange and yellow are powerful colors that stimulate an active mood. We are happy to help you find an elongated wall decoration that perfectly matches your taste.

      Buy elongated wall decoration at Label2x

      At Label2X you will find the elongated wall decoration that suits you. Either in one of our standard elongated wall decorations, or in a personalized variant. We are happy to help you if you are unsure about the best choice for you. For orders over 75 , - you do not have to pay shipping costs. You will receive your latest elongated wall decoration within 4 working days. So you can quickly enjoy your new purchase!