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      Paper clip

      Do you often use writing boards to take notes? Then you will have found that a good paper clip is indispensable! They hold your paper nicely in place when you write, but are also useful if you want to bundle several pages on a board. We offer various paper clips. Check them out above!


      We have stylish clips in different sizes and colors. Our clamps ensure a tidy workplace. You can use it to clamp documents together and thus keep an overview. Of course you can also use paper clips, but our clips are sturdier and usable if you use a clipboard. If you want to clamp thick stacks of paper, you cannot use a paper clip, so you need a paper clip. Our clamps are suitable for at home, but you can also use them perfectly in the office! They are sturdy and of good quality. So you can continue to use it for a long time. There is a spring in the bracket, so you can easily open and close the clamp.

      Photo clips

      Of course you can use our clips not only for paper, but also for all your photos. The trendy colors give your photos a stylish look. We offer our clips in green, pink and terracotta. Do you want the clamp not to be too prominent in the foreground? Then use the 3.8 cm version instead of our 5 cm version.

      Buy paper clips at Label2X

      Have you found your favorite paper clip? Then order it quickly. We will get to work right away, so that you can expect the clamp on your doorstep within four working days! Even if you need more stationery such as notepads or entire clipboards, you've come to the right place. Then quickly look further. Do you have questions or do you need help? Then feel free to contact us! We are happy to help you.