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      Children's games

      With Label2X's children's games you can put a smile on the face of your child or grandchild in no time. They are well-known games, but each with a unique design and trendy pastel shades. View the range of children's games and order easily online.

      Games for the whole family

      There are different children's games for every age. One child's game is a bit more challenging than the other, some children's games are instructive, with other children's games luck or skill play a greater role. With us it's all about fun! Play a fun game with the whole family, such as a memory game. Our games are designed by Label2X, making our games unique. Have fun playing and pssttt please win from mom and dad!


      Memory is known as one of the popular children's games as well as a game for the whole family. From a young age, children can already play memory games and they appear to have a very strong memory! Thanks to the visual character, this is the perfect game that provides a lot of fun for young and old. Two of Label2X's favorite memory games are animal memory and autumn memory.

      Animal memories

      The animal memory game from Label2X is a uniquely designed memory game with sweet pictures and soft colors. On the round cards you will find images of animals, such as pandas, giraffes, rabbits and lions. If you have turned over two identical cards, they are yours!

      Autumn memories

      On rainy autumn days, autumn memory is the ideal game to play! With soft autumn tones and different prints, this unique autumn memory is a favorite game for the whole family, from young to old. This is also an educational game to keep everyone's memory sharp and to have fun together.

      Give a child's play as a gift

      Label2X games are fun to give and to receive! Are you looking for a gift for a children's birthday or children's party? Or are you going on a maternity visit and do you also want to give the older brother or sister something beautiful? Then the Label2X games are definitely a great gift.

      Buy child's play at Label2X

      If you want to buy a children's game, you've come to the right place at Label2X! Choose from the wide range for a trendy boy's room or girl's room. For orders over 75 , - you do not have to pay shipping costs and you will receive your nice new decoration within 4 working days. So you can quickly enjoy your new purchase!