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      Looking for a nice gift to make someone happy? At Label2X you will find many items of the best quality with loving attention to detail. Think for example of notepads, small gifts, stickers, fill-in books, gift boxes: too many to mention! This is the beautiful stationery webshop where you can buy the nicest stationery. View them above and easily order stationery & gifts at Label2X!

      Stationery & Gifts

      Are you looking for minimalist stationery items that are stylish, warm and inspiring at the same time? Then the wide range of Label2X is really something for you. Our products have soothing colors, such as pastel and earth tones. Many items have additional gold-colored finishes that add an extra touch. These stationery can also make a nice addition to your home office or desk! And that too for a low price. Take a look at our range and choose an item that you like.

      Original offer for stationery

      Stationery is the English word for stationery and stationery. We are constantly looking for cool and trendy products to expand our stationery collection. Every item in our range has been carefully and lovingly selected for style, quality and functionality. You always succeed with a product from Label2X. And beautiful prints and fun texts are also part of the collection. You look your eyes out!

      Buy stationery at Label2X

      Where can you buy the most beautiful stationery & gifts? You do that at Label2X. The happiest clipboards, postcards, stickers, clips, notepads and many more trendy items that make life just that little bit more fun and clearer. We ship your order completely free of charge when your order exceeds 75.00 . You will receive your favorite stickers within 4 working days. If you have any questions, we will of course be happy to help you!