Do you give someone a nice gift and do you want to package it nicely? Do you have a notebook that you want to cheer up? Or do you want to decorate another object? Then view our nice stickers. With stickers you can easily decorate all kinds of objects and places. You give them a personal touch and a unique look.

      Types of stickers

      The design of a sticker can have all shapes, sizes and prints. The stickers at Label2X are round and have a size of 45 mm. You can choose from prints, words and shapes. You will find a nice sticker with an animal print or a heart. You will also find cheerful stickers with different texts such as: Hugs & kisses, Sweet gift, Hi topper! And thanks. Take a look at our wide range and choose the stickers you like.

      Cute ideas for stickers

      Stickers can be used for many different things. We give you a few ideas here. The stickers are perfect to use for wrapping a present. A sticker with the text "Lief kadootje" or "A lovely gift for you" are perfect. But also a sticker with a nice print or a picture makes your gift packaging that little bit more fun. Stickers are also very nice to stick on vases for dried flowers. For example, take a look at our stickers that depict a wild flower. That boring notebook or that simple agenda can also use some sprucing up. You can stick 1 or a few stickers on this classic. Or, you make the booklet nice and colorful by filling it completely with stickers. That's the nice thing about stickers. They are very personal and you can easily use them to add your own style. Can't find what you're looking for? Please feel free to contact us. Then we look for a solution together.

      Order stickers at Label2X

      Are you looking for the best stickers? At Label2X you will find the stickers you are looking for! Whether you are looking for stickers with a nice image, with a pattern or with a nice text. You will receive your favorite stickers within 4 working days.