Stickers on a roll


      Stickers on a roll

      Looking for a nice sticker to quickly finish the gift? We have what you're looking for. With a closing sticker you can easily give your gift a personal touch. Label2X has a wide range of gift stickers on rolls in different colors and styles. Whether you are looking for a sticker to close a birth announcement, to decorate a birthday present or to secure a ribbon or rope. View them above and easily order gift stickers on a roll at Label2X!

      Order gift stickers on a roll online

      Look no further and order the nicest stickers on a roll online at a low price at Label2X. Our range includes stickers on rolls in a variety of colors and styles. Is your child saying goodbye to the childminder, toddler care or daycare center because the big adventure at primary school is waiting for them? Or are you looking for stickers on a roll to say thank you? Whatever the reason, you are always assured to impress your friend, family or acquaintance with our gift stickers.

      Stickers on roll 250 pieces

      At Label2X you will find the coolest stickers with which you can give the gift an extra touch. They are now available on a roll of 250 stickers. Size is 45 mm. It may sound like a lot for a roll, but you can use them, for example, to seal birth announcements and decorate your birth favors. With a personal touch you can make your gift even more beautiful.

      Buy stickers on a roll at Label2X

      Have you found your favorite gift sticker? Then order it quickly. Make your choice from the wide range. For orders over 75 , - you do not have to pay shipping costs. You can expect the package at home within 4 days. Paying afterwards is also possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are of course happy to help you!