Home decoration


      Home decoration

      Do you want a new look or more atmosphere in your home? Fortunately, you don't have to do a complete renovation for that. Home decorations create atmosphere for every room in your house. For example, cushions on your sofa can give a new and fresh feeling to your living room. A lamp or a candle in that cozy corner provides extra cosiness. And a beautiful spell on a plate can give you a moment of happiness every day. View our wide range of affordable home decorations and give your home a makeover!

      Kinds of home decorations

      Home decorations come in an infinite number of varieties. For example, you may want the decoration in your living room to be different from the decoration in your bedroom or kitchen. Label2X has a wide range of affordable home decoration. Create your own mix of home decorations for a unique atmosphere throughout your home.


      Cushions are not only practical, but they also dress up your home nicely. With pillows you can go in all directions. For a fresh look you can choose a lighter color. Do you prefer a romantic and cozy atmosphere? Then the warmer colors are a good choice. You can use them in the living room on the couch, but they are also very nice in the bedroom or on your terrace. Choose the cushions that suit you best and easily order your home decoration online at Label2X.

      Candles and Lamps

      Candles can add so much to a room. Both inside and outside they are real atmosphere creators. When you sit outside in the summer and the evening falls. When it starts to get dark and you light that candle. Or in the winter when it is freezing cold outside and you are sitting under a blanket with burning candles around you. That's atmosphere. That's what candles do.

      Home decoration for cozy drinks and dining

      Do you also enjoy enjoying all kinds of delicacies at home? The layout of your delicious dishes also plays a role in the taste experience. A beautiful serving set, striking spoons or hip coasters make the moments of enjoyment even better!

      Buy home decoration at Label2x

      Whether you want a fresh look, a romantic ambiance or an energetic atmosphere. At Label2X you will find the home decoration that suits your style. We ensure that you can enjoy your order as soon as possible. You will receive your favorites within 4 working days. And an order above 75 euros? Then the delivery is free!